They have gained a reputation for being harmful by exposing people to viruses that cause some of the deadliest illnesses, including the most recent Zika virus and Dengue, chikungunya, encephalitis, and malaria. The only mosquitoes that bite while sucking blood are females, who do this to feed their eggs. Their ability to adapt to shifting weather patterns and rapid pace of reproduction is quite amazing.
We must raise public knowledge of the danger that mosquitoes pose and the precautions we can take to safeguard ourselves. The use of insect repellents may only be a temporary fix. To ensure a healthy lifestyle, a thorough and potent remedy is required to permanently drive away these bloodsucking insects.

Aedes Mosquito

The primary carriers of the virus that causes dengue, Aedes mosquitoes have an average lifespan of two weeks. Human activities has helped spread several species. Recently, the used-tire trade helped introduce Aedes albopictus, one of the New World’s most invasive species, to the US. Aedes mosquitoes have observable black and white markings on their bodies and legs, which give them a distinctive appearance. They are active and bite exclusively during the daytime, in contrast to the majority of other mosquitoes.

Culex Mosquito

They have a pale brown hue. This particular kind of mosquito is also particularly active at night, when they typically bite. Their bites might itch a lot. One kind of culex mosquito is a bother because the female lays a large number of eggs at once, which hatch into a large number of adults. Effective mosquito infestation problems can be effectively eliminated by using pest control services in India.

Anopheles Mosquito

They are crucial since they are the primary source of malaria. On their wings, these mosquitoes have white or rusty-red markings. The time of day when they typically bite is at night. For breeding, they typically need swampy environments, streams, ponds, and ground seepage. In order to eradicate mosquitoes in India, appropriate mosquito pest control in Gurgaon measures must be used.

How to Control ?

  • Do replace the water in the container once a week, at the very least. This is crucial since it only takes the eggs seven days to mature into adults.
  • Always cover your stored water to keep adult female mosquitoes from nesting there.
  • Make sure nothing around your house that is unused or uncovered is collecting rainwater. Keep inspecting your roof gutters frequently for any kind of obstruction.
  • To destroy the larvae, mix pesticide granules into the water in plant bowls and plates underneath pots. They can last for one to three months.
  • Make sure your home is secure and mosquito-free by calling the experts at Abbakka Pest Control.